Concrete Protection

Anchor Knob Sheet (AKS)

AKS is a “cast-in” Concrete Protection Liner (CPL) manufactured from HDPE or PP resin. It has been specifically designed to offer concrete structures maximum protection from chemical attack. This cast in liner is produced in sheet form in widths of up to 3 meters and in lengths to suit the individual applications. The anchor knobs are homogeneously formed with the liner during the manufacture of the AKS sheet. They are not welded to the sheet in a secondary process. A key factor in the success of AKS is its ability to bridge gaps in concrete where other coatings – which depend entirely on the integrity of the substrate for support – may fail.


  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low permeability
  • Resistance to weathering and ageing
  • “On site” weldability
  • High resistance to mechanical damage
  • Not affected by limited cracking of the concrete substrate
  • Low friction
  • Combines the structural strength of concrete and the chemical resistance of HDPE
  • Male/female joint details for small diameter pipes


  • Aggressive sewers
  • Concrete pipelines
  • Floors and loading bays
  • Sumps and manholes
  • Channels and chutes
  • Tanks
  • Sewage pump station soffits
  • Any areas where acid spillages might occur
  • Concrete manholes
  • Digester roofs