Canals 1

Client: Amplats
Project: Lining of run-off canal
Liner Specification: 2,0mm HDPE
Size: 3 900m²
Contractor: Fraser Alexander Construction (Pty) Ltd

Application Details

The trapezoidal canal running near the Brakspruit Shaft on the Marikana Mine required lining to prevent seepage from the canal entering the shaft area.

A 2,0mm thick HDPE geomembrane was used as the primary liner. This was then covered with a heavy duty geotextile. This geotextile was used as a protection layer for the installation of the ArmorFlex concrete blocks. The canal is 350 meters in length and provides a watertight and durable canal at the mine.

Other canals

Sappi Saiccor – Effluent Canal – 5,0mm PP – 19 000m²
Sappi Saiccor – Effluent Channels – 5,0mm PP – 1 000m²
Sappi-Enstra – Effluent Canal – 4,0mm HDPE – 850m²

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