Geotextiles & Geosynthetic Clay Linings

Geotextiles are available as woven and non-woven products.

For geomembrane liner protection against physical damage, the non-wovens are the geotextile of choice.

Fibers of polyester or polypropylene are cross lapped on a web then punched together by needles during the manufacturing process.

Non-wovens are available in many weight options. The choice is determined by the specific application.

Geotextiles are commonly used to separate the various layers in a composite lining design and to protect geomembrane liners from damage.

They can be used to engineer preferential slip planes to avoid pulling a liner down a steep slope in the event of failure.


Geosynthetic Clay Linings (GCL’s) consist of two outer layers of geotextile encapsulating a layer of natural sodium bentonite. GLC’s are used to replace thick layers of natural compacted clay layers in landfill lining designs.

A 5mm thick GCL can replace 3 x150mm layers of compacted clay freeing up additional airspace for waste disposal. The function of a GCL is to act as a hydraulic barrier to water, leachate and other liquids.

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