Heap Leach Pads

Client: Goldfields Ghana Ltd.
Project: Phase 2 – Tarkwa Gold Mine, Ghana
Consultant: Metago Environmental Engineers
Liner Specification: 1,5mm HDPE
Size: 390 000m²

Application Details

Engineered Linings was contracted through AMS (African Mining Services) to line Phase 2 of the Goldfields Ghana Heap Leach Project in Tarkwa. This involved the installation of 390 000m² of 1,5 mm thick HDPE liner to 6 pads, seperated by divider berms.

A leaching solution of sodium cyanide is sprayed on the 8 – 10m high lifts of crushed gold bearing ore to extract the gold. The function of the HDPE liner is to capture the “pregnant solution’’ at the base of the heaps and lead it, via launders, to the containment pond for processing. The liner installation took 3,5 months to complete.

The lining was to be durable enough to withstand the load of the ore, ultimately stacked up to 40 metres high, and the chemical attack.

1,5mm thick Hexene based HDPE was specified. Engineered Linings had this material shipped to Takoradi in Ghana and then transported overland to Tarkwa.

Over 40 labourers from the local village were used and their rates and hours had to be negotiated with the village chief. Credit must be given to our 6 technical staff members who controlled and supervised the installation.

Other Heap Leach Pads

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Tarkwa Gold Mine – Ghana – Phases 2,3,&4 – 1 456 700m²
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Tarkwa Gold Mine – Goldfields, Ghana – Phase 5 – 931 500m²
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