Client: Chrome International South Africa
Project: Hazardous Landfill site, Newcastle
Liner Specification: Primary Liner – 2,0mm HDPE | Secondary Liner – GCL | Slope Re-inforcement – Geomesh | Intermediate Drainage – Geonet | Tertiary Liner – 1,0mm HDPE
Size: 357 200m²
Consultants: Steffen Robertson & Kirsten

Application Details

Chrome International is a joint venture between Bayer SA and Sentrachem. The plant produces sodium dichromate crystals, sodium dichromate solution and chromium trioxide, and the waste stream generated requires secure storage to prevent pollution.

The hazardous (H:h) landfill was the first phase to be developed for Chrome International South Africa and exceeds existing DWAF legislation, meeting proposed future standards.

A sophisticated double liner system incorporating a leak detection layer was installed to provide the required security. Photograph shows partial completion of one slope with the white GCL awaiting the final 2,0 mm thick HDPE liner.

On the far slope all 5 layers can be seen. Moving left to right is 1,0mm HDPE, Geonet, Geomesh, GCL and finally 2,0mm HDPE. In the foreground, Geotextile is used for protection of a temporary walkway.

The composite lining installation to Phase 1 took approximately 6 weeks to complete. It was however filled far quicker than anticipated and Phase 2 had to be constructed and lined during the first half of 2000. We installed the same composite lining system in both phases.

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