Raw Water

Client: Sadiola Hill Gold Mine
Project: Raw water storage ponds, Sadiola Hill Gold Mine, Mali, West Africa
Liner Specification: 1,5mm Thick HDPE | 2,0mm Thick HDPE
Size: 29 545m²

Application Details

The raw water ponds are the water storage facility for the entire Sadiola complex. The ponds receive water from the Senegal River via a pipeline roughly 70km long.

Lining was installed to 2 ponds. The 1,5 mm thick material was installed on the floor whilst the 2,0 mm thick material was installed on the sidewalls.

The lining installation took place in Mali’s rainy season and the constant storms and heavy winds posed challenging problems. The site conditions were relatively arduous as Sadiola was the first mine opened in the area.

The local labour was completely unskilled and some of the machinery such as grinders caused the locals to flee in fear.

Despite the trying conditions, the lining project was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client and engineers.

Engineered Linings revisited the site in 2001 and found the lining to still be in perfect condition, five years later.

Other Raw Water Ponds & Dams

Matimba raw water reservoir – 2,0mm HDPE – 105 000m²
Kirstenbosch irrigation dam – 2,0mm HDPE – 22 000m²
Windhoek Municipality irrigation dams – 2,0mm HDPE – 13 200m²
Construction water dam, Lesotho Highlands – 1,5mm Carbofol – 13 000m²
Raw water reservoir Onverwacht DWAF – 2,0mm HDPE 18 000m²
Iscor Long Steel Pollution Control Dam – 1,5mm & 2,0mm HDPE – 31 600m²
Evaporation ponds, Saldanha Steel – 1,0mm & 2,0mm HDPE – 6 300m²
Ostrich Production, Namibia (Tannery) – 1,0mm & 1,5mm fPP – 6 800m²
Natref Evaporation Ponds – 1,5mm HDPE + Geonet – 23 800m²
Sappi Enstra – Black Liquor storage pad – 1,0mm HDPE + 2,0mm fPP – 16 380m²
Kynoch Potch return waterdam – 1,0mm & 1,5mm HDPE, 1,0mm LLDPE – 189 500m²
Aquarius Platinum return water dam – 1,5mm HDPE – 35 400m²
Vanchem Slimes dam – 1,5mm HDPE – 39 600m²
Gypsum Dam, Kynoch Ptchefstroom – 1,0mm HDPE – 12 000m²

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