Sewer Pipe Lines

Client: Cape Town City Council (CCC)
Project: Three phases of the Cape Flats Outfall Sewer
Liner Specification: 3,0mm Thick HDPE Anchor Knob Sheet (AKS), formed around 300º to inside of concrete pipe. Invert of pipe was left unlined. Pipe internal diameter 1,75m
Size: 39 900m²

Application Details

Cape Town City Council required a permanent solution to internal corrosion of large diameter concrete sewers. Engineered Linings solution was Anchor Knob Sheeting. The use of AKS by the City Council on all 3 phases of this sewer showed their commitment to a long – term solution for the corrosion protection of concrete sewers.

AKS is cast into the concrete pipes during the manufacturing process to form an integral part of the pipe. This is a reliable, permanent solution to an ongoing concrete corrosion problem.

The sewer pipe is equipped with spigot and socket joints. The final operation involved extrusion welding of capping strips across the joints.

Other Sewer Pipes

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Eskom – Demineralized Water Storage – Majuba – 5 900m²
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Potsdam WWTP – Milnerton – 200m²
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Sewer 1.1Sewer 2.1Sewer 3.1