Water Feature

Client: Sun International Development
Project: Carnival City, Brakpan
Liner Specification: 1,5mm fPP | 2,0mm fPP | 2,0mm Carbofol C2K
Size: 20 000m²
Consultants: Afrisun Gauteng (Pty) Ltd

Application Details

The double-storey parking garage for visitors to the casino and amusement park at Carnival City is below ground, and a large water feature has been constructed on top of it. The water feature contains many detailed areas such as islands, tree planters and walkways. A moat and waterfall as well as an indoor fountain and water feature were also waterproofed. The installation took 3 months to complete.

The water overflows via several weirs along one section of the pond, into a moat from which it is pumped back into the pond. The waterfall, moat and biofilter were waterproofed using Carbofol C2K and fibre glass.

C2L is a plastic, fleece – backed waterproofing mambrane, with high tensile strength, good thermal behaviour and high resistance to puncture. The main ponds, walkways and planters, above the parking garage were double lined using 1,5 mm fPP, a geotextile and 2,0 mm thick fPP to ensure a watertight facility.

The exeptionally high puncture resistance and ” Lay – flat” features of fPP were the most important aspects for this project. The main antrance to the casino has two water features with fountains. These were waterproofed using Carbofol C2K.

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